Did you know? Gyoza is very versatile.

Sorry for the late notice! The outdoor gourmet event “Craft Gyoza Festival 2023” specializing in gyoza will be held in three cities: Tokyo, Osaka, and Hiroshima. The Tokyo/Hiroshima venue will be held from April 28th (Friday) to May 7th (Sunday), 2023, and the Osaka venue will be held from May 2nd to 7th (Sunday).

A variety of dumplings gathered at “Craft Gyoza Festival 2023”

“Craft Gyoza Festival” is a popular gourmet event that focuses on “craft gyoza” that can be transformed into various shapes depending on each store’s commitment. In 2023, a wide variety of gyoza will be gathered at the venue, including classic pan-fried gyoza, boiled gyoza, fried gyoza, steamed gyoza, and even gyoza dumplings.

Grilled xiaolongbao with feathers 700 yen

【Tokyo Venue】 Komazawa Olympic Park

At the “Craft Gyoza Festival TOKYO 2023” held at the Komazawa Olympic Park in Tokyo, a total of 31 types of unique gyoza will be gathered. Michelin-starred restaurants and well-known restaurants with over 100 years of history will also participate.

Shinshu miso sauce green onion gyoza 700 yen

Gyoza from a Michelin-starred restaurant

Among them, we would like to pay attention to the long-established gyoza specialty store “Gyoza no Mise Okei”, which was founded in 1954 and has been listed in the Michelin Guide Tokyo Bib Gourmand for six years in a row. We will develop “Okei no Yakigyoza”, which has a Parisian and chewy texture, and “Okei no Boiled Gyoza”, which can be enjoyed with a chewy texture.

Okei’s grilled gyoza dumplings 700 yen

Also check out Sansuirou Yatsugatake Gyoza, which inherits the taste of the Cantonese restaurant that was founded in Tokyo in 1926 and has been a purveyor to the imperial family. To provide large gyoza dumplings that can be enjoyed with juicy taste the more you chew.

Sansuiro Yatsugatake gyoza 700 yen

Asian dumplings & xiaolongbao

In addition, dumplings using Hokkaido’s condiment “Yamawasabi” presented by “Gyoza and Wine Pericarp and Bean Paste”, and a rich blend of more than 10 kinds of seasonings by the famous restaurant “Bungoya” in Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture. In addition to gyoza, Asian-style dumplings and xiaolongbao will also appear, such as the “baked xiaolongbao with feathers” developed by the dim sum master of Taiwan’s popular xiaolongbao specialty store “Kingdingrou”.

A vivid spiciness that is addictive! Hokkaido mountain wasabi dumplings 700 yen