Disney’s “Winnie the Pooh” Honey Cafe to Open in Shinsaibashi!


Winnie the Pooh’ HUNNY’S CAFE in STRANGE DREAMS”, a cafe based on Disney’s “Winnie the Pooh”, will open at “kawara CAFE DINING Shinsaibashi” on the 9th floor of Shinsaibashi Opa in Osaka from June 9 (Wed) to July 25 (Sun), 2021. Shinsaibashi Opa, Osaka.

Winnie the Pooh” Honey Cafe Opens in Osaka for a Limited Time

The special cafe “‘Winnie the Pooh’ HUNNY’S CAFE in STRANGE DREAMS” will be held in Osaka, following the popularity of the cafe in Tokyo and Yokohama. The first half of the menu, the “Nightmare Menu,” and the second half, the “Honey Menu,” offer completely different views of the world.

“A food menu that expresses a “mysterious dream

The “Nightmare Menu,” which will be available until July 11 (Sunday), features a lineup of adorable food items that express “mysterious dreams. The “Nightmare Menu,” which will be available until July 11 (Sunday), features a lineup of adorable food items that represent “magical dreams.” Healthy burgers with steamed chicken on buns featuring the cute face of a sleeping “Pooh” and authentic spice curry with “honey” as a secret ingredient will be available.

A food menu featuring Pooh’s favorite food, honey.

On the other hand, the “Honey Menu” from July 12 (Monday) will feature “honey” as the title suggests. In a change from the first half of the menu, a curry rice dish featuring the cute and awake Pooh and a “Slightly Honey Burger” sandwiched between buns will be available. The salad pasta is a colorful and cute dish inspired by a scene where everyone is playing in the 100-acre forest.

One more side dish! A glass of Piglet or Tigger salad.

The menu items that will appear throughout the year include a glass salad that represents the small body of Piglet and the bouncing Tigger. In addition, the honey au lait, which is perfect for after dinner, comes with a blue and green mug, so you can take it home and enjoy the world of “Pooh” at home.

Selling cute goods

Many original goods will be sold at the event. There will be passcases, foldable eco-bags, and other items in the “Pooh’s Mysterious Dream Series” and the “Honey Series” with completely different designs.



【Period】 Jun 9 (Wed.) – Jul 25 (Sun.), 2021
First half: June 9 (Wed.) – July 11 (Sun.) / Second half: July 12 (Mon.) – July 25 (Sun.)
【Place】 kawara CAFE DINING Shinsaibashi Store
【Address】 Shinsaibashi Opa 9F, 143 Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka*
The period of the exhibition is subject to change.
*Closed on Saturdays and Sundays for the time being.
*Advance booking from the official website: https://honey.ohmycafe.jp/