Do you know the “superb hamburger completed in 3000 days”? Let’s go eat now.


Gourmet Burger Specialty Store “Superb Hamburger Completed in 3000 Days” has landed in Osaka for the first time. Opened on the 1st floor of “HOTEL Shiki Utsubo Park” located a 3-minute walk from Awaza Station.

“Gokujo Hamburger Completed in 3000 Days” is a gourmet burger specialty store that opened in February 2009 in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo in Kiyosumi Shirakawa, Tokyo. Pursuing the taste of the hamburger that the owner was shocked in New York, he has been researching for 3000 days and offers the “superb hamburger” that he arrived at.

Patty is particular about 100% coarse-grilled beef. It was completed after trial and error, combining many patterns of beef production areas and parts, and the thickness of minced meat. The homemade buns are made in collaboration with a famous bakery and are characterized by their slightly sweet taste. The patty and the buns are a perfect match, and the moment you take a bite, the flavor of the meat and buns fills your mouth.

“Just like a steak burger” “Specialty! Meat burger”

If you visit the “superb hamburger that took 3,000 days to complete”, you should first try the “specialty! Meat-filled burger”. A meaty patty that looks like a steak is topped with a meaty sauce, making it a hearty dish. The sauce matches well and you can enjoy the delicate and heavy taste.

Specialty! Meat burger 1,790 yen

In addition, there will be the “Avocado Cheese Burger”, which is popular among women, with its homemade avocado paste, Colby Jack cheese, and original patty, and the “Osaka Limited! Kushikatsu Burger”, which is a limited menu only at the Osaka store.

The store is located in Awaza, Osaka. The area has a strong image of being a business district, but it is close to Utsubo Park, which is a large park, so it is convenient for enjoying takeout on holidays.

Avocado cheese burger 1,253 yen


The finest hamburger completed over 3000 days Honmachi Utsubo Park

【Opening Date】 Tuesday, April 18, 2023
【Address】 3-2-1 Utsubohoncho, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
【Phone】 06-6147-3387
【Official Website】
【Menu & Price】
Specialty! Meat burger 1,790yen
Avocado cheese burger 1,690 yen
Limited to Osaka! Kushikatsu Burger 1,590yen

■ Opening commemorative campaign
【Contents】 30% discount on the following 3 products for 1 month from the day of opening (Wednesday, May 17).
【Menu & Price】
Specialty! Meat burger 1,253yen
Avocado cheese burger 1,253 yen
Limited to Osaka! Kushikatsu burger 1,113 yen