Dojima Roll with “goldfish” pattern, goldfish-shaped jelly, etc. now on sale for a limited time!


“Sarasa Goldfish”, a limited edition roll cake from Mon Cher, will be available at the “Art Aquarium Exhibition – Osaka Goldfish Gloss” to be held at the Dojima River Forum in Osaka from July 7 (Wed) to September 5 (Sun), 2021.

Sarasa Goldfish 1,950 yen

Enjoy Mon Cher x Goldfish at the “Art Aquarium Exhibition

The “Art Aquarium,” created by artist and producer Hidetomo Kimura, is an aquatic art exhibition that displays goldfish and other aquatic creatures swimming beautifully. This time, in collaboration with Mon Cher, known for its “Dojima Roll,” a limited edition goldfish roll cake will be sold at the venue.

The limited edition roll cake, “Sarasa Goldfish,” boldly incorporates the colors of the goldfish called “Sarasa” into the “Dojima Roll. The fresh cream is filled with berry and orange flavored jelly in the shape of a goldfish. The combination of rich cream and sweet and sour jelly gives it a refreshing summer taste.

Assorted cool baked goods such as light blue meringue

In addition to the roll cakes, other collaboration sweets are also available. The “Tamakyo no Awa” is an assortment of baked sweets filled with the fragility and coolness of goldfish. The set includes a light blue meringue “inspired by bubbles” scented with yuzu and mint, a seasonal peach flavored “Dojima Petit Roll,” and a madeleine shaped like a seashell.

The cool package looks like gold or vermilion goldfish drifting in the water. The lineup is recommended as a souvenir.


Mon Cher x “Art Aquarium Exhibition – Osaka, Goldfish Gloss” Collaboration Sweets

【Sales Period】 Jul 7 (Wed) – Sep 5 (Sun), 2021
【Place】 Dojima River Forum
【Address】 1-1-17 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Pair admission tickets with original baked sweets: General admission (junior high school students and older): 3,600 yen
*Sales will end when the number of tickets sold reaches the planned number.