Don’t fall down because it’s too cute! The must-eat menu will make you super happy!


A collaborative menu featuring three food brands produced by JOURNAL STANDARD and Sanrio Characters is now available. It will be on sale at stores nationwide from March 16, 2023 (Thursday).

Sanrio Characters “Strawberry Menu” Appears

PANCAKE CAFE, J.S. BURGERS CAFE, and J.S. FOODIES collaborate with Sanrio Characters. With the theme of the fictional American diner “Strawberry Cafe”, we will develop a cute “strawberry menu” with motifs of popular characters My Melody, Kuromi, Cinnamoroll, and Pochacco.

“My Melody & Cinnamoroll” Strawberry Pancakes

For example, from the J.S. Pancake Café, you can see “My Melody Cinnamoroll Strawberry Pancake”, which expresses “My Melody & Cinnamoroll” three-dimensionally with whipped cream and cheese cream. It is a photogenic pancake plate decorated with fresh strawberries around it.

“My Melody Cinnamoroll Strawberry Pancake” 1,760 yen

Strawberry pancakes and mille-feuille parfait

In addition, there is the Sanrio Characters Strawberry Tiramisu Mille-Feuille Pancake, which is a stack of two types of cream, custard and mascarpone, and a crunchy coffee pie topped with plenty of strawberries. Sanrio Characters Strawberry Millefeuille Parfait” is also available.

From the left) “Sanrio Characters Strawberry Tiramisu Mille-feuille Pancake” 1,870 yen * Strawberry increase + 2,420 yen *The photo shows the extra strawberry version.
“Sanrio Characters Strawberry Millefeuille Parfait” 1,210 yen

Kuromi Hamburger with “Chocolate Teriyaki Sauce”

The highlight of J.S. Burgers Cafe’s menu is the “Kuromi Strawberry Chocolate Teriyaki Burger”, a burger inspired by Kuromi. Soft and fluffy buns with ripe strawberries, arugula, and mozzarella cheese. To finish, plenty of soy sauce teriyaki sauce using “chocolate” was applied to create a visual with outstanding impact.

Sunday full of strawberries

There is also a lineup of “Sanrio Characters Strawberry Sundae” that uses 6 strawberries on the top. Inside the glass is a “strawberry-filled” sundae with homemade strawberry jam and strawberry ice cream.

“Sanrio Characters Strawberry Sundae” 1,298 yen

Vanilla shake with “Sanrio Characters” motif

In addition, we will prepare a vanilla shake with Sanrio characters as a motif. Inside the shake is a fruit-flavored gelée inspired by the color of each character, making it a drink that can be enjoyed not only in taste but also in appearance.

“Sanrio Characters Vanilla Shake” 880 yen each (4 types)


Sanrio Characters Collaboration Menu

■ J.S. Pancake Cafe/J.S. Foodies
【Sales Period】 Thursday, March 23, 2023 to Monday, May 22, 2023
【Store】 J.S. Pancake Cafe in all stores, J.S. Foodies Tennoji MIO store

■ J.S. Burgers Cafe
【Sales Period】 Thursday, March 16, 2023 to Tuesday, May 16, 2023
【Store】 J.S. Burgers cafes nationwide (except Shinjuku store)

・ If you order a collaboration menu, you will receive a Sanrio Characters collaboration design pick, table sheet, and coaster according to each menu.
・You will receive a “can mirror” when you order a specific set menu.

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