Don’t miss it! Sakimoto, a specialty bakery specializing in high quality bread, will be releasing “Hanjuku (Half-cooked) Rask” for a limited time only!


High-grade bread specialty store “Sakimoto” will relaunch its new texture gift bread “Hanjuku Rask” for a limited time only from April 29 (Thu) to May 9 (Sun), 2021.

Hanjuku (Half-cooked) Rask

Sakimoto’s “Hanjuku Rusk,” which was launched in February 2021 as a Valentine’s Day season-only sweet, is back for a limited time only. The “Hanjuku (Half-cooked) Rasku”, which is baked in the oven moistly after soaked with plenty of butter, is a new texture Rasku with crispy outside and juicy inside. As is typical of a bread specialty store, the size of the rusks is also impressive, using an entire loaf of bread.

A total of three flavors are lined up.

There are three flavors in the lineup. The simplest way to enjoy the half-cooked texture is with the “Hanjuku Rusk – sugar. The other is “Cacao Berry Pistachio,” which is coated with cocoa-flavored sweet chocolate and topped with white chocolate sauce, freeze-dried raspberries, and roasted pistachios. Cacao Berry Pistachio,” which is covered with cocoa-flavored sweet chocolate and topped with raspberries and roasted pistachios.


High-grade bread specialty store “Sakimoto”, Hanjuku (Half-Cooked) Rusk

【Sales Period】 Apr 29 (Thu) – May 9 (Sun), 2021
*The online store will start accepting pre-orders on April 15 (Thu).
【Store】 Sakimoto Nationwide
【Store in Osaka】 【Store in Osaka】 Osaka First Main Store, Namba City Store, Hankyu Osaka Umeda Station Store, Umeda Chayamachi Store, Dojima Store, Abeno Store