Dragon Quest fans MUST BUY! King cureslime’s Japanese confectionery is available for a limited time and in a limited area! I have to go to Miyagi right now!

From the zunda sweets specialty store “Zunda Saryo”, a collaboration sweet “King cureslime zunda mochi” with the popular game “Dragon Quest Walk” is now available. From March 17th (Friday) to May 31st (Wednesday), 2023, limited stores in Miyagi Prefecture such as Zunda Saryo Sendai Station Zunda Komichi Branch, Kasho Sanzen Hirose-dori Omachi Main Store, JR Sendai Station 2nd floor New Days Sendai No. 7, etc. Sold at.

*What is Zunda? One of the local dishes of Miyagi Prefecture, it is edamame mixed with sugar and salt and mashed.

Zunda Saryo x “Dragon Quest” Game Collaboration Sweets

“King cureslime mochi” is a realistic reproduction of the souvenir (zunda mochi) that can be obtained by visiting the landmark “Naruko Onsen” in the game “Dragon Quest Walk”.

When you open the cute package with the “King cureslime” motif, you will find zunda mochi wrapped in individual wrappings that express the “monster heart”.

Authentic zunda mochi that you can easily enjoy

The traditional food culture of Miyagi and Sendai, zunda mochi, has been devised so that it can be eaten easily. The flavorful zunda bean paste is wrapped in mochi, making it a sweet that can be carried around at room temperature.

The game is real! ? Appeared as the 6th popular project

The “King cureslime Zunda Mochi” will be released as the 6th “Real Souvenir Project” of “Dragon Quest Walk”. It is a unique project that actually reproduces the “souvenirs” that can be acquired at landmarks in the game.


King cureslime Zunda Mochi

【Sales Period】 Friday, March 17, 2023 to Wednesday, May 31, 2023
・Zunda Saryo / Sendai Station Zunda Komichi Branch, Souvenir Shop Sendai No. 1
・Kasho Sanzen / Hirose-dori Omachi Main Store, Matsushima Teramachi Koji Store, Souvenir Shop Sendai 7th Store, Meihinkan S-PAL Sendai Store, Official Online Shop (Friday, March 17, 10:00-)
*Limited quantity sold every day, up to 2 per person.
【Official Website】 https://zundasaryo.com/

■ Limited Store
【Store Period】 March 17 (Fri) – March 31 (Fri)
【Place】 3rd floor of JR Sendai Station, 2nd floor of Sendai Airport