DragonQuest fans should definitely draw this one out! Dragon Quest” “Fukubiki-sho Special: Awakening Morning Study! Edition” will go on sale on February 15.

Square Enix will release “Fukubiki-sho Special: Awakening Morning Study! Edition” at Lawson and HMV stores, United Cinemas, and Square Enix official shops nationwide from February 15, 2022 (Tuesday).

Here are the prizes!

Prize A: Slime Hot Sandwich Bread Maker

A hot sandwich maker that makes slime shaped hot sandwiches. The slime silhouette of the sandwiches will be fluffy!
The parts are removable for easy cleaning. The parts are removable for easy cleaning, and only one side can be used like a frying pan!

Prize B: Battle Window Morning Plate

A morning plate based on the familiar “battle window” motif! Serve food on it and decorate it in various ways! It’s perfect for serving up monster images!

Prize C: Awakening Morning Mug

This morning mug is perfect for waking up to a cup of tea.
The design includes an inn scene, face motifs of monsters, and a slime chanting “Zameha” to wake you up in the morning! Three types in all. There is also a one-point design on the inside of the cup.

Prize D: Acrylic stand-type Monster Coaster

Monsters will appear! This coaster comes in the form of an acrylic stand. When not in use as coasters, they can be used as decorations around your desk. There are six different types, which are cute even if you put many together.


Prize E: Towel for wiping your face in the morning

A face-washing towel perfect for waking up in the morning! There are a total of three types, including familiar occupation illustrations, slime patterns, and zameha designs, to wake you up in the morning with energy.

Prize F: The Legendary Sword Book Marker

Perfect for morning reading! Those legendary swords are now available in high-grade metal bookmarks! There are three types in total: the Sword of Lot, the Sword of the Sky, and the Sword of Metasura. Comes with a ball chain so you can use it as a key chain.

Prize G: Multi-purpose case, perfect for masks

A multi-case that can hold masks, tickets, etc. Let’s equip it when we get ready to go out in the morning! There are a total of four types, including slime patterns, weapon patterns, and monsters’ face motifs.

Prize for the last one: Metal Slime Kettle

A Metal Slime kettle has appeared!
A kettle with the image of a metal slime has appeared. The metal texture and the silhouette of the slime have been recreated in this special product! It can be used on both induction and gas stoves!


Dragon Quest” “Lucky Charms Special – Awakening Morning Practice! Edition~”

【Release Date】 Feb. 15 (Tue), 2022
【Price】 690 yen / time
【Store】 Lawson and HMV stores nationwide, United Cinemas, Square Enix official stores. Check out for more detail here.

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