Earl Grey specialty store “And Earl Grey” opens in Osaka for a limited time!

The Earl Grey specialty store “&EARL GREY Kobe Main Store” will sell “Fragrant Tea Gelato” at the “Ekiben to Umai-Mono Contest” at the Moriguchi branch of Keihan Department Store in Osaka for a limited time from February 23 (Wed., holiday) to March 1 (Tue.), 2022.

Fragrant Tea Gelato, a concentrate of fine tea leaves

The “Fragrant Tea Gelato” is a gelato that uses tea that has been concentrated several dozen times instead of water. The gelato is made from high quality tea leaves from all over the world, from Japan’s Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries award winning Matcha to tea leaves from China, India, Sri Lanka and South Africa, combined with fruit and milk. After the rich flavor of the gelato, you can enjoy the refreshing aroma of the tea leaves that spreads softly.

Earl Grey flavored with natural bergamot.

The most recommended gelato is the natural bergamot scented gelato that only an Earl Grey specialty store can offer. In addition to the “Earl Grey Rich Milk,” a rich black tea gelato that allows you to enjoy the classic taste of Earl Grey, we also offer the “Butterfly Pea & Earl Grey,” a combination of the bright blue “butterfly pea” and Earl Grey, and the “Continental Earl Grey,” a luxurious blend of the world’s three major black teas, Darjeeling, Uva, and Kieman. In addition, there is also a chocolate gelato made with Continental Earl Grey, a luxurious blend of the world’s three major black teas: Darjeeling, Uva, and Kieman.

In addition to Earl Grey gelato, gelato made with Matcha, Jasmine, Rooibos, and Chamomile teas will also be available.


And Earl Grey “Fragrant Tea Gelato

【Sales Period】 Feb. 23 (Wed, Holiday) – Mar. 1 (Tue), 2022
【Place】 Keihan Department Store, Moriguchi Store, 8th floor, “Ekiben and Good Food Festival”.
【Address】 8-3 Kawaramachi, Moriguchi City, Osaka
【Phone】 06-6994-1313
【Price】 Double 550 yen / Triple 605 yen
【Menu】 Earl Grey Rich Milk, Butterfly Pea & Earl Grey, Pistachio & Matcha, Mango Passion & Jasmine, Mixed Berry & Rooibos, Pech de Vigne & Honeybush Lavender, Continental Earl Grey & Chocolate, Butter Caramel & Chamomile, Milk & Mint Chamomile, Amao Milk

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