Earl Grey specialty store “& Earl Grey” opens at Keihan Department Store Moriguchi for a limited time!

Earl Grey specialty store “&EARL GREY” will sell black tea soft ice cream “Earl Grey Rich Milk” and Taiwanese sponge cake “fortune Taiwanese sponge cake Earl Grey” from October 7 (Thu.) to October 12 (Tue.), 2021, at the “All-Japan Good Food Festival in Autumn” event at the Moriguchi branch of Keihan Department Store. Autumn National Umami Competition” at the Moriguchi branch of Keihan Department Store.

Rich black tea soft serve ice cream with natural bergamot flavor

The Earl Grey Rich Milk soft tea from And Earl Grey, which is opening its first store in the Moriguchi branch of Keihan Department Store, is so rich in flavor that it is called “eating milk tea. To make the delicate black tea soft, about 50 times more tea leaves are extracted than usual. The fragrant and rich taste of the tea made with a large amount of tea leaves is so popular that people line up to buy it at events nationwide.

Butterfly Pea’s “blue soft serve ice cream” is also available.

In addition, Butterfly Pea Earl Grey, a blue soft drink made from Butterfly Pea tea, which is said to be a “mysterious tea,” is also available only at the event. Natural bergamot is used to add the flavor of Earl Grey, giving it a refreshing taste. It can be enjoyed with the same colorful mint meringue as the soft drink.

Enjoy the freshly baked taste of the finest Earl Grey Taiwanese sponge cake.

The “fortune Taiwanese sponge cake Earl Grey”, which will appear together with the “Earl Grey Rich Milk”, is a superb Taiwanese sponge cake that is the pride of “and Earl Grey”. Freshly baked every day, it is flash frozen and sent directly to the venue. The sponge cake can be enjoyed as it is or warmed up in the microwave for a fluffy, freshly baked texture. In addition to plain and Earl Grey, the autumn-only Matcha Dainagon and the new Cheese will be available at this year’s event.



【Sales Period】 Oct 7 (Thu) – 12 (Tue), 2021
【Place】 Keihan Department Store, Moriguchi Store, 8th Floor, Large Event Hall, “All-Japan Good Food Festival in Autumn
【Address】 8-3 Kawaramachi, Moriguchi City, Osaka
【Phone】 06-6994-1313