Eat Japan-exclusive burgers at Shake Shack! Add it to your to-do list now!


Shake Shack has released a limited menu supervised by SPICY CURRY Roka, a popular curry restaurant in Okubo, Tokyo. From July 26, 2023 (Wednesday), it will be released for a limited time at Shake Shack nationwide.

Limited menu supervised by the popular curry restaurant “Spicy Curry Roka”

New York-based hamburger restaurant Shake Shack is collaborating with Spicy Curry Roka, a popular curry restaurant in Okubo, Tokyo that always has lines. We offer a limited menu “Curry Shack” and “Curry Fry” supervised by Eri Saito, the owner of “Spicy Curry Roka”.

Curry Shack 1,133yen, Curry Fries 836yen

“Spice fragrant” curry hamburger

“Curry Shack” is Shake Shack’s first “spiced” curry burger. Fluffy buns are topped with a juicy beef patty made from 100% hormone-free Angus beef, mozzarella cheese, fragrant fried onions, special curry sauce, pickled carrots, and lettuce to create an appetizing dish even in summer. there is

Among them, the key to the taste is the original curry sauce that blends multiple spices such as garam masala, black pepper, and red chili pepper. The shredded carrot pickles, which accentuate the crunchy texture, are also characterized by being prepared with a spicy pickle liquid containing garlic and chili peppers.

Curry fries that are excellent to eat

Also, pay attention to curry-flavored potato fries “Curry Fries”. Freshly fried fries with a wave-shaped crinkle cut that are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside are topped with a special spicy curry sauce, fragrant fried onions, and green onions. It has a spicy taste with a hint of spice that is perfect to accompany beer. It’s very filling, so it’s recommended to share and enjoy.


Shake Shack x “Spicy Curry ROKA” Limited Menu

【Sales Period】 Wednesday, July 26, 2023 to mid-September
【Store】 Shake Shack nationwide
【Menu】 Curry Shack Single 1,133yen, Double 1,518yen / Curry fries 836 yen
【Official Website】