Eggs ‘n Things’ Christmas pancakes with “tree-style” pistachio cream are now on sale for a limited time only!


Eggs ‘n Things has introduced a Christmas limited edition “Honolulu Christmas Tree Pancakes,” which will be available at Eggs ‘n Things and Eggs ‘n Things Coffee nationwide from December 1 (Thursday) to December 26 (Monday), 2022.

Pancakes that look like a “Christmas tree”

The Honolulu Christmas Tree Pancake is a fluffy pancake decorated with a generous amount of pistachio whipped cream to resemble a “Christmas tree. The cream is decorated with chocolate ornaments such as stars and Santa Claus to create a festive Christmas mood.

The pancakes are also topped with a rich white chocolate cream, fresh strawberries, and sweet and sour berry sauce, making it possible to enjoy the pancakes all the way through.

“Honolulu Christmas Tree Pancakes” 1,880 yen

Benedict with rich cheese sauce

Also offered during the same period is the “Iberico Bacon Eggs ‘n’ Benedict. This hearty dish combines well-cooked Iberico pork bacon with a rich cheese sauce made with mozzarella cheese and a half-boiled poached egg.

“Iberico Bacon Exxon Benedict” 1,500 yen, takeout 1,480 yen

White mocha with strawberry sauce

In addition, a seasonal drink, White Mocha, is also available. This latte is made with gently sweetened white chocolate and espresso, topped with plenty of whipped cream and strawberry sauce.

“White Mocha” (hot/ice) 650 yen, takeout 630 yen


Eggs ‘n Things Christmas Limited Edition Menu

【Sales Period】 Thursday, December 1, 2022 – Monday, December 26, 2022
【Store】 Eggs ‘n Things and Eggs ‘n Things Coffee nationwide
【Official Website】