Eggs ‘n Things will be releasing their fall-only “Kona Coffee and Mont Blanc Pancakes”!


Kona Coffee and Mont Blanc Pancakes” from Eggs ‘n Things will be available at all Eggs ‘N Things and Eggs ‘N Things Coffee stores in Japan from September 1 (Wed) to September 30 (Thu), 2021.

“Kona Coffee & Mont Blanc” Pancakes

The “Kona Coffee and Mont Blanc Pancake” is a fun and visually appealing dish that consists of a layer of pancake and coffee cream kneaded with Hawaii’s Kona coffee, topped with a rich Mont Blanc cream. Chestnuts are tucked in between the layers of dough for a textural accent.

“Chestnuts are the star of this Mont Blanc shake.

During the same period, chestnuts will be the main ingredient in shakes and hot sandwiches for a limited time. The “Mont Blanc Shake” is a special shake that combines sweet Mont Blanc cream with a bittersweet espresso. The shake is finished with fresh cream topped with chocolate sauce and chestnuts.

Kalua Pork Cheese Sandwich

The “Kalua Pork Cheese Sandwich” is a hot sandwich made with Kalua pork, a traditional Hawaiian dish, tossed in barbecue sauce. The rich cheddar cheese sandwiched in between is a perfect match for this mouth-watering dish.

Kalua Pork Cheese Sandwich 1,520 yen (Eat-in)


Eggs ‘n Things Limited Time Menu

【Sales Period】 Sep 1 (Wed) – 30 (Thu), 2021
【Store】 All Eggs ‘n Things and Eggs ‘n Things Coffee stores in Japan