Eki-marche Shin-Osaka Sotoe opens in Shin-Osaka with gourmet food and cosmetics!

On March 16, 2021 (Tuesday), a new area called “echimarche Shin-Osaka Sotoe” will open in JR Shin-Osaka Station, consisting of 11 stores focusing on gourmet food.

All the popular stores are here! Newly opened stores at “EKI MARCHE Shin-Osaka Sotoe”

1) “551 Horai” (Area G)

Osaka’s famous “pork buns” have been hand-wrapped one by one since its establishment. The thick dough is stuffed with juicy pork and onion filling. The yakitori and shrimp yakitori are also popular with many fans.

2) Zojirushi Ginpaku Bento (Area H)

They want to make it easier for people to eat delicious rice. We want to make it easier for people to eat delicious rice and preserve Japanese culture. Zojirushi Mahovin’s first bento specialty store was born with this idea in mind. You can taste “bento with rice as the main ingredient” cooked in the high-grade rice cooker “Flamebait Cooking.

3) Le Petit Mec (first in the Shin-Osaka area and first in the Eki-naka area) (Area I)

Le Petit Mec is an authentic French-style boulangerie that originated in Kyoto and has its first store in Imadegawa. The breads are carefully made one by one over a long period of time, and the French boulangerie and chefs who have visited the shop say that they are the most French-like in Japan.

4) ○△□ (Maru-Sankaku-Shikaku) (first in the Shin-Osaka area and first in the Eki-naka area) (Area J)

The tart store “○△□” specializes in a wide variety of tart products. These include single tarts that can be eaten without using a plate or fork, whole tarts that allow you to enjoy your choice, and the Shin-Osaka limited edition cube pound cake, all of which make great souvenirs.

5) Episode (Area K)

A cosmetic store with a wide selection of cosmetics, beauty goods, and men’s cosmetics. You’ll find all the hottest beauty items.

I’m curious! New Food Court “Ekimaru Kitchen”

1) Freshness Burger (First in JR West Eki-Naka and Shin-Osaka Area) (Area B)

Based on the concept of “carefully making delicious and healthy food by hand,” the restaurant offers hamburgers made with fresh domestic vegetables and juicy patties that are packed with the natural flavor of meat.

2) Karafuneya Coffee Shop (first in Eki-Naka and first in Shin-Osaka area) (Area C)

At Karafuneya Coffee Shop, which originated in Kyoto, you can enjoy the famous Dutch iced coffee, a signature product since its establishment in 1972, as well as curry (580 yen and up) and Neapolitan (650 yen), coffee shop staples, all at reasonable prices.

3) Bifteki Beefsteak and Meat Rice Romantei” (Area D)

The beef is professionally selected by a long-established wholesaler of meat in Osaka, grilled to lock in the flavor, and served with fluffy rice with secret sauce. The beefsteak pile is said to bring you the best “mouth-watering” experience.

4) Men-Tsururi Himi-Udon (Area E)

Himi Udon” was born in Himi, Toyama Prefecture, which is rich in the blessings of the sea and mountains. Himi Udon is characterized by its mochi-like consistency and flavor, its unique firmness, and its smoothness and crunchiness. The Himi Udon is served with a special sauce made from blended dashi and rich in agar flavor.

5) Sushi Uogashi Nippon Ichi” (First in JR West Japan Station Eki-Naka and Shin-Osaka Area) (Area F)

Sushi Uogashi Nippon Ichi is based on the concept of a sushi stall from 200 years ago, where customers can enjoy freshly-rolled Edo-mae-zushi as much as they like. It is the original tachigui sushi restaurant where the freshest ingredients and warm rice are served by the chef behind the counter.


EKI-Marché Shin-Osaka Sotoe

【Opening Date】 Mar 16 (Tue), 2021
【Address】 JR Shin-Osaka Station, 5-16-1 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, 3rd floor, outside the east ticket gate
【Hour】 6:30 – 23:30 (*Varies depending on the store)