Enjoy an exciting time at the world’s largest athletic tower!

The world’s largest athletic tower “BANPAKU (Expo) BEAST” in Expo’70 Commemorative Park in Osaka has reopened after renovation.

“World’s Largest” Athletic Tower “Expo Beast” Renewal

“Expo Beast”, which opened in 2020, is a huge athletic facility with a height of 24m, with field athletics arranged in a tower shape consisting of four levels. You can enjoy 121 kinds of activities such as aerial cycling, zip lining, and slack lining, and there is an observatory on the roof that overlooks the park.

Another point of the “BANPAKU (Expo) BEAST” is that you can wear safety equipment and choose activities according to your own level. It can be played by a wide range of generations, from children to adults.

New activity “Carillon (Bell)” is now available

Such “Expo Beast” has reopened after renewal, including the installation of a new activity “Carillon (bell)”, the usage fee and play time.

The new activity “Carillon (bell)” is a thrilling activity where you ring the carillon (bell) at the end of the 19m high steel bridge. If you succeed, beautiful sounds will reverberate through the park, so why not try it with your friends and family?



【Renewal opening date】 Thursday, March 16, 2023
【Place】 Expo Memorial Park
【Address】 Senri Expo Park, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture
【Hour】 Reception 9:30-15:10 / Facility open 10:00-16:50
【Closed】 Every Wednesday
*If Wednesday is a public holiday, it will be closed on the weekday immediately following it, as well as when Expo’70 Commemorative Park is closed.
*Open every day from April 1st to May 2nd, October and November
[Athletic area] Adults 3,000 yen, Junior high school students 2,200 yen (junior high school students), Children 1,500 yen (elementary school students)
*A separate entrance fee to the Natural and Cultural Gardens is required.
【Usage Time】 80 minutes (Separately, safety equipment and safety training will be provided)
【Conditions of use】 Height 125 cm or more, weight 120 kg or less, elementary school age or older
【Official Website】 https://www.se-amuse.jp/bampakubeast/