Enjoy your time at home! Speed Race for Drifting Soumen Now Available!

Doshisha, a company that plans, develops, and sells lifestyle-related products, has been developing products to enjoy Nagashi Somen, a summer tradition, at home since 2018.

Doshisha has been developing products to enjoy Nagashi Somen at home since 2018. The product has been on sale since early May at mass retailers nationwide, Doshisha’s direct sales website, and Doshisha Marche.

The course combinations are endless!

The slider can be adjusted in height and angle, so that you can enjoy it from the preparation stage.

By changing the height of the posts and the angle of the slider, you can create your own course. The speed of the flowing water changes depending on the course, so it is recommended to compete with each other to see who can make the noodles flow faster.

There are two courses and a single course with a maximum length of about 1.7 meters!

By attaching a tube to the two water outlets, you can create a Nagashi Somen course that can be arranged in any way you like, or by using a connector and a tube, you can combine the two water outlets into one and enjoy a long course of up to 1.7 meters!

Also, the colander catches the flowing somen noodles, making it difficult for the water to drain and prevent the noodles from spreading. There is also a pocket for ice, so you can add ice to circulate the cold water. It also comes with a condiment tray, so there is no need to prepare a plate for condiments. This product uses batteries, so you can enjoy it anywhere you want.

Great entertainment! Why don’t you enjoy the speed competition of Nagashi Somen at home with the World Nagashi Somen Association’s “Competition Somen”?


Kyo-Soumen (Drifting Soumen), by DOSHISHA

【Sales Period】 Now On Sale
【Price】 5,478 yen (Tax included)
【Store】 Doshisha Marche, Mass merchandisers nationwide