FamilyMart’s popular sweet “Souffle Pudding” will be available in regional limited flavors from the 14th! Which one do you want to eat?


From September 14 (Tuesday), 2021, the popular “Souffle Pudding” sweet from FamilyMart will be available in the Northern Japan, Eastern Japan, Central Japan, Western Japan, Southern Kyushu, and Okinawa areas.

What is “soufflé pudding”?

“Souffle Pudding” is FamilyMart’s most popular sweet, consisting of a melt-in-your-mouth custard pudding topped with a whole cheese soufflé with a soft and fluffy texture. To celebrate FamilyMart’s 40th anniversary, a new regional flavor of “Souffle Pudding” has been introduced. Based on the ideas of store staff, unique flavors will be released in six areas across Japan.

[By Region] All lineup

This is a summary of each flavor released from all six areas. Be sure to check out the limited edition “Souffle Pudding” at your local FamilyMart.

Northern Japan Area

Choco Banana Souffle Pudding with Chocolate Cookie

The smooth banana pudding is topped with whipped cream and a “fluffy” chocolatey soufflé. The addition of chocolate cookies as a textural accent is another feature.

East Japan Area

Lemon Cheese Souffle Pudding

A soufflé pudding with the refreshing taste of lemon and cheese. Cheese pudding with lemon jelly is combined with lemon flavored soufflé. The branding of a sliced lemon is a landmark.

Central Japan Area

Apple Souffle Pudding with Baked Apples

A sumptuous combination of baked apples and pie. The apple soufflé topped with caramel sauce and the custard pudding and apple sauce are a perfect match.

Western Japan Area

Hot cake soufflé pudding

“It’s like a pancake! A pancake-like soufflé pudding. The custard-filled buttercream and pancake-like soufflé are a perfect match.

Southern Kyushu Area

Salt & Brown Sugar Souffle Pudding

A rich pudding made with blackstrap molasses and topped with a slightly salty soufflé. A unique taste of southern Kyushu.

Okinawa Area

Red Potato and Chocolate Souffle Pudding with White Sauce

Okinawa’s specialty “Beni-imo” has been made into a soufflé pudding. The combination of red sweet potato soufflé and chocolate pudding with a hint of liquor.

No. 1 Flavor to Go on Sale Nationwide

The limited-edition flavors that have been selling the best since the launch of the products are scheduled to be released nationwide in February 2022, so even if you don’t see the product you want to try near you, there’s a chance it will be available!


“Souffle Pudding” Regional Flavors

【Release Date】 Sep 14 (Tue), 2021
【Price】 298 yen each *Only “Apple Souffle Pudding with Baked Apples” is 330 yen.
【Sales area details】
Northern Japan Area: Hokkaido, Aomori, Iwate, Akita, Miyagi, Yamagata, Fukushima, Niigata, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Gunma, Saitama, Chiba
East Japan Area: Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture
Central Japan Area: Yamanashi, Shizuoka, Aichi, Gifu, Mie, Nagano, Toyama, Ishikawa and Fukui Prefectures
West Japan Area: Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara, Wakayama, Okayama, Hiroshima, Tottori, Shimane, Yamaguchi, Kagawa, Ehime, Tokushima, Kochi, Fukuoka, Oita, Kumamoto, Saga, Nagasaki Prefectures
South Kyushu Area: Miyazaki, Kagoshima Prefectures
Okinawa Area: Okinawa Prefecture

*This product may not be available at all stores.
*Some stores may not carry this product.