Famima’s barista-supervised “most coffee-like café frappe ever” and increased fruit pulp! The “Juicy” Strawberry Frappe will be on sale!


FamilyMart will start selling “Cafe Frappe” and “Strawberry Frappe” at its stores nationwide on March 29, 2022 (Tue). Thanks again for all you’ve done for us this year!

FamilyMart’s Frappe Series

FamilyMart’s Frappe series made with milk from coffee machines was launched in 2021 with the keyword “more delicious. 2022, a survey was conducted among approximately 10,000 men and women aged 15 and older nationwide to determine the “flavors they would like to drink. The company plans to roll out a series of “new products.

Cafe Frappe

The first of these products will be the new “Cafe Frappe” and “Strawberry Frappe. The “Cafe Frappe,” which has been popular since its first release, has been changed to a coffee bean extract suitable for frappes under the supervision of Satoshi Kasuya, the world’s best barista, and the coffee quality has been improved by using the highest grade coffee bean extract. The finely ground coffee sauce has been added to create a cup that allows you to enjoy the coffee taste from the first sip.

Strawberry Frappe

Meanwhile, the “Strawberry Frappe” has achieved the largest “juiciness” ever, with a combined 1.1-fold increase in juice and pulp volume based on the revived “Rich Frappe Strawberry 2017,” which was launched in May 2021 and received a favorable response. The size of the fruit pulp has also been increased by 1.3 times, allowing customers to taste the rumbling of strawberry pulp with every sip.


FamilyMart’s new Frappe Series

【Release Date】 Mar. 29 (Tue), 2022
【Store】 FamilyMart nationwide
【Menu】 Cafe Frappe 298 yen / Strawberry Frappe 330 yen

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