Fill your stomach and heart with happiness in the cute world of My Melody!


At Hilton Nagoya, a sweets buffet “My Melody and Kuromi’s Magical Sweets World” in collaboration with Sanrio Characters will be held for a limited time from August 24th (Thursday) to November 1st (Wednesday), 2023.

Hilton Nagoya x Sanrio Characters Collaboration Sweets Buffet

Following the Kuromi, Cinnamoroll, and Hello Kitty sweets buffet held in 2022, this is the second collaboration with Sanrio Characters, featuring My Melody and Kuromi. You can enjoy sweets using autumn flavors such as chestnuts and pumpkins in a romantic world full of “sweets created by mischief that started from playfulness”.

“Kuromi roll cake”

The buffet is decorated with 14 types of sweets and 6 types of savory that express the charm of each character in various ways. For example, “Kuromi’s roll cake”, which is colored with bamboo charcoal and baked with rice flour, is topped with a black hood and a pink skull, which are Kuromi’s charm points. Inside, you can enjoy the taste of autumn, with astringent chestnuts and chestnuts boiled in candied chestnuts.

“It’s My Melody!”

“My Melody Dayo” is made with rich cream cheese and lightly sweetened dough, and is colored slightly pink with beets. The center was decorated with sweet and sour berry fruits. It is a product that can be enjoyed both with the eyes and the tongue, expressing the charm of My Melody, from the round eyes to the pink hood made by her grandmother.

Pumpkin and Earl Gray pudding and color-changing water jelly

In addition, the rare cheesecake “Magic Hour”, which expresses a beautiful gradation with blueberries based on graham cookies with bamboo charcoal, and the “Pumpkin Pudding”, which is baked together with pudding and Earl Gray-flavored dough that uses pumpkin puree. ”, and “Magical Jelly”, a water jelly that changes color when lemon is added.

Relaxing afternoon tea style

Afternoon tea where you can enjoy sweets slowly is also available. Afternoon tea offers a set of 7 types of sweets, 4 types of savory, and 1 type of scone inspired by the magical world view of My Melody and Kuromi. For drinks, there are 14 types of tea from the German luxury tea brand Ronnefeldt.

There is also a plan that you can enjoy for breakfast and dinner

For afternoon tea, there is also a “morning version” that includes eggs Benedict, and an “evening version” that includes savory items such as truffle-flavored French fries. You can enjoy it from 8:00 to 10:30 and after 17:00.


Sweets Buffet “My Melody and Kuromi’s Magical Sweets World”

【Sales Period】 August 24th (Thursday) to November 1st (Wednesday), 2023
【Place】 Hilton Nagoya 1F All Day Dining “In Place 3-3”
【Hour】 15:00-17:00 (Serving food until 16:30)
[Weekdays] Adults 4,900yen / Children (6-12 years old) 3,000yen
[Weekend] Adults 5,300 yen / Children (6-12 years old) 3,500 yen
【Reservation】 052-212-1151 or Online
【Official Website】