Find them! “Lovable eyes” Minions are now available as Japanese sweets at LAWSON from today!


Japanese confectionery featuring Minions, “Tabe Masu (Eating Mascot) Minions Fever,” will be available at Lawson chilled dessert sections nationwide from July 12, 2022 (Tuesday).

From left)Tabe Masu Minions Fever Stuart (Strawberry flavor)
Tabe Masu Minions Fever Bob (Banana flavor)
Tabe Masu Minions Fever Kevin (Chocolate flavor) 285 yen each

Minions with “luminous eyes” are now available as Japanese sweets!

The “Tabe Masu (Eating Mascot)” series, which uses bean paste, sugar, glutinous rice flour, and other ingredients to express popular characters in Japanese confectionery, has introduced a new “Eating Masu Minions Fever” to coincide with the movie “Minions Fever” to be released on July 15 (Friday). The “Minions Fever” movie, which will be released on July 15 (Friday), is now available in the “Eating Mas” series.

Banana, Strawberry and Chocolate flavors

There are three variations: “Bob,” “Stuart,” and “Kevin. Each has a different flavor of bean paste, with “Bob” enjoying banana flavor, which is the Minion’s favorite, “Stuart” strawberry flavor, and “Kevin” chocolate flavor.

The first “Tabe Mas (Eating Mascot) Minion” was released in 2020, followed by the second in 2021, both of which were well received. This is the third in the series.


Tabe Masu (Eating Mascot) Minions Fever
Bob (Banana Flavor), Stuart (Strawberry Flavor), Kevin (Chocolate Flavor)

【Release Date】 July 12 (Tue), 2022
【Sales Location】 Lawson’s chilled dessert section nationwide}
*Not available at Natural Lawson and LAWSON STORE100.
*Date of product availability in stores may vary by store.
*Some stores may not carry the product.
【Price】 285 yen / each
【Official Website】