Flipper’s has begun selling “Miracle Pancake Margot Melon,” a parfait-like pancake made with one ball of domestic melon, for a limited time only!


Brunch Cafe FLIPPER’S has introduced a new limited-time menu item, “Miracle Pancake Margot Melon,” which will be available from June 21 (Tuesday) to July 17 (Sunday), 2022.

Pancake using one ball of domestic melon

Brunch Cafe Flippers has been proposing pancakes that lavishly use domestic fruits. This time, “Miracle Pancake Margot Melon,” one of the largest pancakes ever made with a single domestic melon, will be added to the lineup.

Miracle Pancake Margot Melon 3,300 yen

Pancakes that look like a “parfait

The “Miracle Pancake Margot Melon” is topped with a half-cut Takami melon (blue flesh) and a spread pancake topped with rich melon cream. The Quincy melon (red flesh) is placed between the fluffy pancakes or cut into rounds to give the pancakes a gorgeous “parfait” appearance.

Easy-to-eat sizes are also available.

In addition, “Miracle Pancake Okigal Melon,” an easy-to-eat size version of “Miracle Pancake Margot Melon,” is also available. This is an easy way to enjoy the taste of seasonal melon, and may be used as an after-dinner dessert.

Miracle Pancake Okigal Melon 1,430 yen


Flippers Melon Fair

【Sales Period】 June 21 (Tue) – July 17 (Sun),2022
【Store】 All Flippers stores
【Store in Osaka】 Flipper’s Umeda EST Store
【Menu & Price】
・Miracle Pancake: Marugoto Melon – 3,300 yen
・Miracle Pancake Okigal Melon: 1,430 yen