FLIPPER’S is now offering “Miracle Pancakes: Yams, Chestnuts, and Pumpkin” as a limited time menu item for fall!


FLIPPER’S, a brunch cafe, is now offering “Miracle Pancakes: Yams, Chestnuts, and Pumpkin” for a limited time only from October 19 (Tuesday) to November 23 (Tuesday, holiday), 2021.

“The Miracle Pancake: Potato, Chestnut and Pumpkin” 1,540 yen

Flipper’s offers three kinds of Mont Blanc-style pancakes in one luxurious plate

Flipper’s is popular for its signature “Miracle Pancakes,” which offer a new texture that melts in your mouth. The “Miracle Pancakes: Yams, Chestnuts, and Kabocha” is a pancake plate that uses “potatoes, chestnuts, and pumpkins,” which are representative of autumn flavors, as if they were Mont Blanc.

Miraculous Pancakes Made with Sweet Annou Potatoes, “Phantom Chestnuts” Nakayama Chestnuts, and Kuririn Pumpkin

The “Whole Anno Sweet Potato Mont-Blanc” topped with a paste of sticky and creamy Kagoshima Anno sweet potatoes, the “Nishio Hojicha and Nakayama Chestnut Mont-Blanc” with a paste of Aichi Nakayama chestnuts, known as “fantastic chestnuts,” and hojicha cream. The “Kuririn Kabocha Mont-Blanc” is made with Hokkaido Kuririn pumpkin cream, Jersey milk ice cream, and caramel apples. This is a luxurious plate menu where you can enjoy all three types of “Miracle Pancakes”, each with its own unique flavor.


Miracle Pancakes: Potato, Chestnut and Pumpkin

【Sales Period】 Oct 19 (Tue), – Nov 23 (Tue, Holiday), 2021
【Store】 Flipper’s nationwide
【Store in Osaka】 Est Umeda
【Price】 1,540 yen