Flippers is releasing limited edition pancakes with “eating jewels,” migaki strawberries, for a limited time only!


Brunch café FLIPPER’S has launched a strawberry fair with the theme of “strawberry picking”, offering limited edition “migaki strawberry” pancakes from February 15 to March 31, 2022. strawberry pancakes.

Limited Edition “MIGAKI Strawberry” Pancakes from Flippers

The first item on the limited edition fair menu is the “Miracle Pancake,” which is filled with “migaki strawberries,” a brand of strawberries from Miyagi Prefecture that are also known as “eating jewels. The pancake, which melts in your mouth, is sandwiched with cream cheese and a gelée made from “migaki strawberry” jam, and topped with plenty of milk cream. The pancakes are topped with a generous amount of milk cream. To finish off the pancakes, the “migaki strawberries” provided as an optional garnish complete the pancakes with the delicious taste of ripe strawberries.

Ichibiko’s “Strawberry Milk” is also included in the set.

The collaboration menu will be offered as a “Strawberry Picking Set”. The set includes strawberry milk, a popular menu item at Ichibiko, a strawberry sweets specialty store, and a sticker of “Miracle Miga Kikko-chan,” a Sendai-born character dressed as a collaborative pancake.


Flippers x Migaki Strawberries “Strawberry Picking Set

【Sales Period】 Feb. 15 (Tue) – Mar 31 (Thu), 2022
【Store】 Flippers nationwide
【Store in Osaka】 FLIPPER’S Umeda Est Store

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