Flippers, the “Miracle Pancake,” has new items including royal milk tea and Uji green tea cookies and cream!


Three new flavors of the “Miracle Pancake” have been added to the grand menu from the brunch cafe FLIPPER’S. Starting on September 27, 2022 (Tuesday), they will be available at FLIPPER’S Jiyugaoka, Shibuya, and Kichijoji stores, and then in succession.

Three new varieties of Flipper’s “Miracle Pancakes”.

Brunch Cafe Flippers is popular for its signature menu item, “Miracle Pancake,” which offers a new texture that melts softly in the mouth. In conjunction with the renewal of the grand menu, new items using royal milk tea and Uji green tea will be added to the lineup.

Miracle Pancake: 72% cacao dark chocolate, 1,595 yen

Miracle Pancake Royal Sweet Milk Tea

Of particular note is the “Miracle Pancake Royal Sweet Milk Tea,” which combines royal milk tea cream made with Assam tea leaves and refreshing rare cheese cream with a hint of lemon. The dish is finished with a crumble mixed with Earl Grey and homemade Earl Grey syrup, creating an aromatic tea dish.

“Miracle Pancake Royal Sweet Milk Tea” 1,595 yen

Uji green tea cookies & cream and 72% cacao dark chocolate are also available.

In addition, customers can enjoy a total of three new flavors, including “Miracle Pancake Cacao 72% Dark Chocolate,” a chocolate-covered pancake with bitter chocolate ice cream, maple butter chocolate cream, and Valrhona 72% cacao chocolate sauce, and “Miracle Pancake Uji Green Tea and Cookies & Cream,” a pancake with green tea cream made with Uji green tea and cookies & cream ice cream.

“Miracle Pancake Uji Green Tea and Cookies & Cream” 1,430 yen

Eggs Benedict and maple chicken pancakes are also available.

The meal menu has also been redesigned with this renewal. A total of 10 types of meal menu items will be available to suit your mood, including Eggs Benedict with semi-cooked poached eggs from Take Chicken Farm, a contract poultry farm, and Maple Chicken Pancakes with fried eggs.


Flipper’s Grand Menu Renewal

【Release Date】 From Tuesday, September 27, 2022
・Jiyugaoka, Kichijoji, and Shibuya stores Tuesday, September 27
・Umeda Est Store Tuesday, October 4
・Shimokitazawa Store Friday, October 7
*Only the sweets menu is available at the Umeda Est and Shimokitazawa stores.
*A different menu is available at the Nagoya Lasik store.
【Official Website】 https://www.flavorworks.co.jp/brand/flippers.html