Flowers bloom on a gloomy day! Get a magical umbrella now that makes walking on rainy days fun and happy.

Wpc. has released a new vinyl umbrella “Tulip Umbrella” with a tulip motif at Wpc. directly managed stores and stores nationwide.

New vinyl umbrella that looks like a tulip

Wpc. proposes a new vinyl umbrella “Tulip Umbrella” with a “tulip” motif for the spring season. The colors and veins of the petals are faithfully reproduced with gradation colors, and the rounded shape is reminiscent of tulips.

Three colors with beautiful gradation

Three colors are available: pink, yellow, and purple. The handle is painted in a green color that resembles a stem, and attention has been paid to every detail. If you put on a cute looking umbrella, there is no doubt that you will feel excited even on a gloomy rainy day.

The point is that it is light and hard to break

In addition, attention is paid not only to design but also to practicality. Part of the ribs of the umbrella is made of lightweight and hard-to-break glass fiber, so you can use it for a long time.


“Tulip Umbrella” 3,300 yen each

【Sales Period】 On sale as of early March 2023
【Store】 Wpc. Shinsaibashi Parco store, Wpc. LUCUA 1100 stores, stores nationwide, Wpc. official online shop
*Directly managed store is only in Osaka
【Official Website】