For a limited time only, “RINGO” is now selling freshly baked custard apple pie made from sweet potatoes, a fall staple!


RINGO, a freshly baked custard apple pie specialty store, has introduced an autumn limited time flavor, “Freshly Baked Custard Apple Pie with Sweet Potato,” which will be available at stores nationwide from September 1 (Thursday) to November 14 (Monday), 2022.

RINGO’s autumn staple, freshly baked sweet potato custard apple pie.

RINGO sells more than 6 million apple pies a year, centering on its signature “Baked Fresh Custard Apple Pie,” a 144-layer crispy pie crust filled with rich custard cream and a chunky filling. This year, a “sweet potato” flavor, which has been a popular fall staple since its first appearance in 2019, will be added to the lineup.

“Freshly Baked Custard Apple Pie with Sweet Potato” 520 yen per piece

In 2022, the filling is made of sweet potato paste, diced sweet potatoes, and apple preserves that have been boiled to preserve the shape of the fruit, resulting in a flavor that brings out the gentle sweetness of the sweet potatoes and the fresh tartness of the apples. The combination of the smooth sweet potato, apples with a delightful texture, and rich custard cream creates a dish with a rich, autumnal flavor.


Freshly Baked Custard Apple Pie with Sweet Potatoes

【Sales Period】 Thursday, September 1 – Monday, November 14, 2022
【Price】 520 yen / piece
【Store】 RINGO All stores in Japan
【Official Website】