For cat lovers, the very popular “Meow-garoo Hoodie 2”, back in stock on Cat Day, is a Must Buy!

On August 8, 2022 (World Cat Day), “Meow-garoo Parka 2” will be available again.

Meow-garoo Parka 2

This product was a huge hit and sold out immediately upon its release. It is a hoodie equipped with large pockets so that the wearer can always be in touch with the cat. The product allows the cat, which loves small, soft places, to relax in the pockets, while the person wearing the hoodie can use his or her free hands to do work.

 The price is 8,500 yen [tax included]. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy happy time with your cat in a cool room wearing the “Meow-garoo Parka 2” when stock is restored? It would also make a great souvenir for cat lovers.

The Meow-garoo Parka 2 has a large pocket on its belly for cats. When it went on sale last November, it was a big hit in the cat-owning community and sold out immediately. Cats, which love small, soft places, can relax in the pocket, while humans can use their free hands to perform tasks (such as petting the cat or taking pictures).


にゃんガルーパーカー2 BPA-001 (The Meow-garoo Parka 2)

【Color & Model Number】 Black BPA-001-S/M/L-BK Gray BPA-001-S/M/L-GY
【Price】 Reference price, 8,500 yen
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