For Matcha Lovers… Nenrin-ya’s summer-only baumkuchen, Mount Baum Matcha, is now on sale!


It’s here again this year! Baumkuchen specialty store “Nenrin-ya” started selling its summer-only baumkuchen “Mount Baum Matcha” on April 16, 2021 (Fri.).

Nenrin-ya’s Summer Specialties

Mount Balm Matcha, a summer specialty of Nenrin-ya and a favorite of many fans, will be available for a limited time in 2021. It is a product made by kneading Uji green tea into the base of Mount Balm’s representative product, Mount Balm Firmly Bud, and baking it slowly for a long time.

As with the other “Mount Balm” series, it is recommended to serve it after it has been chilled. As the dough cools, the impression of sweetness is reduced and the deep aroma of matcha is enhanced. By placing the cut Mount Balm Matcha on a plate and topping it with ice cream or molasses, you can easily enjoy a real sweet arrangement.


Nenrin-ya Mount Baum Matcha

【Sales Period】 Apr 16 (Fri) – around Aug 26 (Thu)
【Price】 864 yen (tax included) / piece
【Store】 Hankyu Umeda Store, Official Online Store “Pag & Mog”