For those looking for something a little different! ROYCE’ is now offering raw chocolate with oolong tea for a limited time!


Royce’s new raw chocolate [Oolong Tea] has been on sale at Royce’s stores in limited quantities since July 6, 2022 (Wed.).

Limited quantity “Oolong tea” flavored raw chocolate

A limited-quantity “Oolong tea” flavor has joined the lineup of raw chocolate, the signature sweet of Royce’s. The “Oolong tea” flavor is a product that directly conveys the pleasantly astringent and refreshing taste of Oolong tea. The raw chocolate [Oolong Tea] is a product that directly delivers the pleasant astringency and freshness of Oolong tea.

The smooth milk chocolate is blended with Japanese oolong tea powder, which has a slight astringency. The surface of the chocolate is also covered with oolong tea chocolate powder, creating a flavor that allows you to fully enjoy the appeal of oolong tea.


Raw chocolate [Oolong tea] 821 yen

【Release Date】 Wednesday, July 6, 2022
【Store】 ROYCE’ directly-managed stores (Higashinaebo store, Sapporo Daimaru store, Fukuzumi store, Atsubetsu-Nishi store, Aisato Koen store, Tondakoen store, Nishi-Miyanosawa store, Futomi factory direct sales store, Kamiebetsu store, New Chitose Airport store, Royce’ Chocolate World), Royce’ official online store
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