From “Dragon Ball,” recreate the “Evil Containment Wave” released by Kame-Sen’nin at home! Contain! Electronic Jar & Evil Containment Wave Blanket Set

Premium Bandai will be releasing a new product on March 22, 2022 (Tuesday) that will allow you to recreate the sealing scene of Piccolo Daimaou in the anime “Dragon Ball” episode 111: “Contain! Pre-orders for “Electronic Jar & Evil Containment Wave Blanket Set” are now being accepted.

“Contain! Electronic Jar & Evil Containment Wave Blanket Set” 8,800 yen

Recreate famous scenes at home⁉

This set includes an electronic jar-shaped cushion and a blanket featuring “Evil Containment Wave” from the “Dragon Ball” TV anime, allowing you to recreate the famous confrontation between Kame-Senin and Piccolo Daimaou from episode 111 of the Dragon Ball TV anime.

The Evil Containment Wave blanket features a newly drawn illustration of Kame-Senin valiantly unleashing the Demon Sealing Wave and Piccolo Daimao with a look of anguish on his face.

The electronic jar-shaped cushion reproduces in detail the color of the lid of the jar, the bills on it, and the position of the power outlet, all of which appeared in the original work. It measures approximately 28 cm in height and 33 cm in width.

The lid of the electronic jar-shaped cushion opens and closes, so it is possible to seal Piccolo Daimaou, which Kame-sennin could not achieve, by storing the Evil Containment Wave Blanket.

In addition to playing as “Evil Containment Wave,” the blanket can also be draped over the body to gently warm it.

The electronic jar-shaped cushion is fluffy and comfortable to hold.

Comments from product development staff

The electronic jar-shaped cushion has soft and fluffy specifications that will not break even if a magic seal wave fails, so you can easily trigger the Evil Containment Wave at home without fear of failure. The world’s first Evil Containment Wave? Experience it for yourself with a gimmick that is a new way of doing things. The big-sized electronic jar-shaped cushion can be used to “seal” not only the blanket that comes with the product, but also various other items in your home. Memories you want to forget, past black history, etc…? hahaha We have also paid careful attention to the comfort of the electronic jar and the fabric of the blanket, so we hope you will use it when you want to sleep on your desk at home or at work, or when your feet are cold because the air conditioning is too strong.


Contain! Electronic Jar & Evil Containment Wave Blanket Set

【Reservation period】 Mar. 22 (Tue), 2022 11:00 – May 9 (Mon), 2022 23:00
【Price】 8,800 yen (Tax included) (Shipping and handling charges not included)
【Set Contents】 Cushion in the shape of an electronic jar … 1 / Evil Containment Wave Blanket…1
【Store】 Premium Bandai, the official mail order site of Bandai Namco Group, etc.
【Product delivery】 Scheduled for September 2022

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