From Qu’il fait bon, the new tart “~Tart Tiara~ Specially Selected Crown Melon Tart~” is now available.


Qu’il fait bon, a fruit tart specialty store, has introduced a new tart, “Tart Tiara – Specially Selected Crown Melon Tart,” which will be available at all Qu’il fait bon stores from Friday, October 1, 2021 until early December 2021. Note that advance reservations are required!

Tiara shaped tart x Specially selected crown melon

The “Tart Tiara – Special Crown Melon Tart” is a limited menu item that combines Kiroufevon’s original tiara-shaped tart with specially selected fruits. Crown melons from Shizuoka Prefecture, known as the “king of fruits,” are cut into large pieces and spread generously on the tart. On top, slices of Shizuoka crown melon are arranged in a radial pattern for a gorgeous visual.

A “mature” flavor with a touch of whiskey.

Another point is the use of Macallan, a whiskey that goes well with melon. The rich melon and the fragrant whiskey are a perfect match, creating a mature taste experience.

The “Tart Tiara: Specially Selected Crown Melon Tart” will be the first special tart to be released to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the founding of Kir Febon in October 2021.


“Tart Tiara – Special Crown Melon Tart – 1 whole (17cm), 13,500 yen

【Sales Period】 October 1, 2021 (Fri) – Early December 2021
【Store】 Qu’il fait bon nationwide
【Store in Osaka】 Grand Front Osaka Store
*Because special tart molds are used, there is a limit to the number that can be prepared in a day. Advance orders are accepted by online reservation only. (Orders can be placed up to 10 days to 3 days before the desired date.)
(Orders can be placed 10 to 3 days prior to the desired date.)
*No same-day sales at stores or phone orders are accepted.
*Only whole cakes are available. No cut cakes are available.