Fuji x Fireworks x Motorsports “Theatrical” Fireworks Display at Fuji Speedway!

FUJI MOTORSPORTS FOREST Fireworks by Fuji Fireworks,” a “theatrical” fireworks display combining fireworks and motorsports, will be held at Fuji Speedway on Saturday, November 5, 2022.

A “theatrical” fireworks display combining fireworks and motorsports

This event, realized in collaboration with Fuji Motorsports Forest, a new complex offering a variety of mobility experiences, is a spin-off of the “Mt. Fuji Fireworks” fireworks display held for the first time in December 2021 at the foot of Mt.

10,000 fireworks and cars running through the course

Fuji in the background. Fuji in the background. The fireworks display along the 1.5-km home straight, which is one of the longest in the world, will be accompanied by cars racing down the track at speeds in excess of 200 km per hour, creating a dramatic spectacle. The fireworks will be produced by Ikebun, Katagai Smoke Industry, and Nomura Fireworks, all of which are leading fireworks companies in Japan with a variety of experience.

Ikebun Fireworks image

Seven stories on the theme of “space travel”

Fuji Fireworks 2022 will feature seven stories based on the theme of “space travel. People have been interested in space throughout Japan’s long history, from the past to the present. The stories “Moon/Takedori Monogatari” and “Mars/An Encounter with the Unknown” express people’s interest in the moon, the stars, and extraterrestrial life.


Various viewing areas set up

The venue will feature multiple areas where visitors can enjoy watching fireworks in various styles. In addition to the “Grandstand” where you can enjoy fireworks and motor sports up close, the “Exciting Area” where you can be surrounded by fireworks, and the “Drive-in Area” where you can watch fireworks from the comfort of your own car, the “Platinum Room” with comfortable private rooms, and the “Day Camp VIP Area” where you can enjoy camping as well, there are areas to meet various There are also “Platinum Rooms” with comfortable private rooms and “Day Camp VIP Areas” where you can also enjoy camping.



【Event Date】 Saturday, November 5, 2022
【Time Schedule】
・Doors open 13:00 (tentative) *Events will be held in various areas of the venue during the day
・Firework begins at 16:45
・End of the show 18:15 (tentative)
【Venue】 Fuji Speedway
【Number of launches】 approx. 10,000, up to No. 6 ball

<Ticket Price>
【Grandstand (Adult)】 Non-reserved seats|6,000 yen per person <stand seats
【Grandstand (Children)】 Non-reserved seats|3,000 yen per person <stand seats
【Exciting Area】 Reserved seat|20,000 yen per person<reclining chair
【Platinum Room for 10 persons】 Reserved seat|200,000 yen per room<10 persons per room
【Platinum Room for 2 persons】 Reserved seat|50,000 yen per room<2 persons per room
【Camera Seat】 Free seating|20,000 yen per person <space provided
【Private parking area (Mobilita)】 area/first-come-first-served basis|30,000 yen per car<In-vehicle viewing
【Private parking area (P7)】 area/first-come-first-served basis|30,000 yen per car<In-vehicle viewing
【Paddock VIP Area】 Area specified/first-come-first-served basis|40,000 yen per car<In-vehicle viewing
【Day Camp VIP Area】 Reserved seat|50,000 yen per car<Viewing in car/BBQ

【Official Website】 https://fujimotorsportsforest.fujisanhanabi.com/