Fujiya’s long-selling LOOK chocolates will be releasing two types of large chocolates inspired by “coffee room sweets”!

From Fujiya’s long-selling “Look” chocolates, two new flavors based on the image of “coffee room sweets” will go on sale nationwide from June 1 (Tuesday), 2021.

The concept is a coffee shop, LOOK.

The new chocolates, based on the concept of “coffee shop look,” represent the coffee jelly and banana parfait sweets that are typical of retro coffee shops. The nostalgic taste is packed into a “larger” piece than usual, making it a special flavor.

The new “Coffee Jelly” is a combination of coffee jelly and mild milk whip. The “Coffee Jelly” is a combination of fragrant coffee jelly and mild milk whip. On the other hand, the “Banana Parfait” has a mellow taste of banana jelly wrapped in banana whip with cornflakes.


Two types of “Coffee Room Look”: 216 yen each (tax included) *reference retail price

【Release Date】 Jun 1 (Tue), 2021
【Store】 Supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. nationwide