Funny Souvenir Special! The latest cooking toy that even adults will go crazy for! Part 2.

Cooking toys” that allow you to taste delicious food while playing have been evolving. In this issue, we introduce a carefully selected selection of toys that will enthrall children and adults alike!

“Mixed Ice Cream Kitchen” for making original flavors

An ice cream tray chilled in the freezer is set in the main unit, and the ice cream ingredients and toppings are mixed together on the tray to create original flavored ice cream.

The unit comes with a board for cutting fruit and a cup for crushing corn flakes and other ingredients. You can also enjoy original flavors by mixing toppings, jams, and other ingredients with commercially available ice cream.


MegaHouse / Maze Maze Ice Kitchen

【Release Date】 Late May 2022
【Suggested retail price】 3,850 yen
【Store】 Amazon, Toys “R” Us,

“Gummipple Lab” for making realistic gummy bears in the mood for experimentation.

The “Gumipple Lab” series, a kit that allows users to make realistic and unique gummy bears at home, is a hot topic of conversation among adults as well.

Gummies are made by mixing colored beverages such as juice and syrup with gelatin, pouring the mixture into a special mold, and combining the hardened parts to complete the product. The result looks like miniature food samples, and even adults seem to be getting serious about it.

You can also cut potatoes and carrots made from gummy bears with a knife and mix them in a pot, or pour juice into a gummy cup, and enjoy cooking with your children.

The lineup also includes four other types of gummy products: “Fishing Gummies” in the shape of sea creatures, “Dokkitto Station” with realistic insects and reptiles, and “Kirakitto Station” with glass shoes and cosmetics.

The instruction manual that comes with each one includes a “Gummy Color Chart” that shows how to make gummy liquid in eight different colors. The tools included with the product are based on the motif of test tubes and other objects, making it fun to make the products in an experimental atmosphere.


MegaHouse / Gumipple Lab

【Suggested retail price】 3,850 yen
【Store】 Amazon, Other mass merchandisers and toy stores
【Official Website】