Funny Souvenir Special! The latest cooking toy that even adults will go crazy for! Part 3.

Cooking toys” that allow you to taste delicious food while playing have been evolving. In this issue, we introduce a carefully selected selection of toys that will enthrall children and adults alike!

“Cotton Candy Dome” made with candy balls and pomelos

Put in candy balls or coarse flakes and turn on the switch. The candy can be finished by twirling it around with the special stick.

If you use colored pomegranate, you can make colorful wataame, which can be placed in a transparent cup or served with a cold drink. It is a unique home appliance that allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of a summer festival at home.


LITHON / Cotton Candy Dome

【Suggested Retail Price】 6,286 yen
【Store】 Amazon, Other mass merchandisers and toy stores
【Official Website】

Press the switch and in 10 seconds, it’s ready! Kororo Odoru Sweets Maker

Jointly developed by DOSHISHA, which sells shaved ice machines and other sweet makers, and UHA AJIKAKUSUGARI. Shaved ice is ready in 10 seconds at the push of a switch.

Ingredients for one person are six pieces of UHA Ginger’s popular “Kokoro” and five pieces of shaved ice. Kokoro” is a new type of gummy wrapped in 100% fruit juice and a collagen film (skin). It is popular for its juicy texture and delicious taste. Using “Kokoro,” you can easily enjoy summer sweets without the need for syrup.

Incidentally, the blade and cup can be removed from the main unit. Preparation and maintenance are smooth.


Doushisha / Kororo Odoru Sweets Maker

【Suggested Retail Price】 7,350 yen
【Store】 Amazon, Other mass merchandisers and electronics retailers