Funny Souvenir Special! The latest cooking toy that even adults will go crazy for! Part 1.

“Cooking toys” that allow you to taste delicious food while playing have been evolving. In this issue, we introduce a carefully selected selection that will enthrall children and adults alike! Let’s have fun experiencing Japan with everyone in your home country!

“Kuru Kuru Nori Maki Factory”, a factory-type hands-on cooking toy

This product allows visitors to enjoy the process of making sushi by following the steps as if they were in a factory: the car carries the rice, and when it arrives at the gate, the nori is automatically rolled onto the rice. The sushi roll is completed when it goes around the rail.

The yellow car “Sushi Loader” can also be connected to the “Sushi Geta Slider” (see photo above, the part with the sea urchin gunkanmaki on it) and driven on the rails. Even if you don’t need to prepare the ingredients, you can also place take-out sushi on the “Sushi Loader” and enjoy it as a conveyor-belt sushi machine.

The product won the Excellence Award in the “Japan Toy Award 2022 Communication Toy Category” and is scheduled for release in October!

Easy to make!

① Once the ingredients are ready by making rice with the included parts and cutting nori (seaweed), place them on the “sushi loader” and go!

② When the “sushi loader” arrives at the “Nori Rolling Gate,” it automatically rolls the nori onto the rice.

③ When you arrive at the “neta-drop,” the neta is automatically popped on top of you.

④ When the completed sushi gets close to the “Sushi Geta Slider,” it is automatically dropped. The “Sushi Geta Slider” becomes a sushi geta when the attached feet are attached.


Takara Tomy Arts / Kuru Kuru Nori Maki Factory

【Suggested retail price】 6578 yen
【Store】 Toys “R” Us, Takara Tomy Mall
【Official Website】