Get intoxicated by the spectacular purple world! This is a must-see!

“Fuji no Hana Monogatari (Story of wisteria flower) ~Ofuji (Big wisteria flower) Festival 2023~” will be held at Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi from April 12th (Wednesday) to May 14th (Sunday), 2023.

Ashikaga Flower Park “Ofuji (Big wisteria flower) Festival 2023”

Ashikaga Flower Park celebrated the flowering day of wisteria on April 5th (Wednesday). In 2023, Ashikaga Flower Park will have the earliest flowering date in its history, and you will be able to appreciate the colorful wisteria in full bloom a little earlier than usual.

Highlights include the 160-year-old great wisteria with a 600-tatami wisteria trellis, the 80m-long white wisteria tunnel, and more than 350 wisteria trees. They bloom in the order of light red, purple, white, and yellow, and you can enjoy wisteria blooming in different colors for about a month.

Also, since it is lit up at night, you can enjoy a fantastic space that is different from the daytime.


“Fuji no Hana Monogatari (Story of wisteria flower) ~Ofuji (Big wisteria flower)Festival 2023~”

【Sales Period】 Wednesday, April 12, 2023 to Sunday, May 14, 2023
【Light Up Period】 April 15th (Sat) – May 14th (Sun)
【Place】 Ashikaga Flower Park
【Address】 607 Hazamacho, Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture
・April 12 (Wed) – April 14 (Fri) 9:00-18:00
・April 15th (Sat)-April 21st (Fri) 8:00-20:30
・April 22 (Sat) – May 7 (Sun) 7:00-21:00
・May 8 (Mon) – May 14 (Sun) 8:00-20:30
【Entrance Fee】
[Day] Adult 900 yen – 2,100 yen / Child 500 yen – 1,100 yen
[Night] Adult 700 yen – 1,900 yen / Child 400 yen – 1,000 yen
*The period, time, and price fluctuate depending on the blooming condition of the flowers.
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