Get the exquisite cream bread that melts your happiness at the convenience store right now and savor your happiness!


Hattendo’s “Chilled Melting Cream Bread Izumo Matcha” will be sold at FamilyMart nationwide from April 25, 2023 (Tuesday).

“Chilled Melting Cream Bread Izumo Matcha” 1 piece 280 yen

“Melting cream bread Izumo matcha” is limited to Famima

Hattendo, a popular cream bun specialty store, has released a popular menu item, “Chilled and Eaten Melting Cream Bread”, and “Chilled and Eaten Melting Cream Bread Izumo Matcha” is available exclusively at FamilyMart. It is made with two layers of rich matcha cream and custard cream, which uses plenty of rare “Izumo matcha”.

When you take a bite, you can enjoy the refreshing bitterness and sweetness unique to Izumo matcha, and enjoy the exquisite harmony with the gentle sweetness of the custard cream and the soft, fluffy bread.


“Chilled Melting Cream Bread Izumo Matcha”

【Released Date】 Tuesday, April 25, 2023
【Store】 FamilyMart nationwide (approximately 16,500 stores)
*Some stores may not carry it.
*No sales at Hattendo store or online shop.
【Price】 280 yen (tax included)/ piece
【Official Website】