“Ghibli Park” will open in Aichi Prefecture this November! The official site opens on February 1st!

Ghibli Park, a theme park that recreates the world of Studio Ghibli’s works, will open in Aichi Prefecture’s Expo ’70 Commemorative Park, with the first phase opening on November 1, 2022 (Tuesday) and the second phase opening in 2023.

Recreating the world of Studio Ghibli’s works, loved around the world

The “Ghibli Park” expresses the world view of Studio Ghibli’s works, which have been loved by many people in Japan and abroad. Unused land and existing facilities in Expo ’70 Commemorative Park will be redeveloped to create five areas: “Seishun no Oka Area,” “Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse Area,” “Mononoke no Sato Area,” “Witch’s Valley Area,” and “Dondoko Mori Area. Seishun no Oka Area, Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse Area, and Dondokomori Area will open on November 1, 2022 (Tuesday), and Mononoke no Sato Area and Witches’ Valley Area will open in 2023, roughly one year later.

There are no major attractions or rides in the park, and visitors can experience the world of Studio Ghibli by walking on their own through the forests and paths.

Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse Area
© Studio Ghibli

Each of the five areas recreates the world of Studio Ghibli’s masterpieces, so you’ll want to find a place where you can experience the world of your favorite work first.

Seishun no Oka (The Hill of Youth) Area: Whisper of the Heart, The Cat Returns
Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse Area: Castle in the Sky, My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Arrietty
Mononoke Village area: “Princess Mononoke”
Witch’s Valley Area: Howl’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service
Dondoko Forest Area: “My Neighbor Totoro