GU Baby and Kids wear introduces its new “Pokémon” collection for summer 2022.

The new “Pokémon” collection for summer 2022 from GU’s baby and kids’ wear has been on sale since April 29, 2022 (national holiday).

Pokémon short-sleeved T-shirts and more.

Following Winter 2021, the “Pokémon” collection for babies and kids is now available. The lineup features short-sleeved T-shirts perfect for summer and other fun Pokémon designs.

For Babies

The first baby item is a colorful graphic T-shirt suitable for summer. The lineup includes three types of T-shirts, with designs featuring Pikachu and Pochama as points of interest, and an all-over pattern that looks like monster balls stuck on in a “sticker-like” manner. Available in sizes 80cm, 90cm, and 100cm.

Graphic T (baby) 990 yen

For Kids

On the other hand, the kids’ wear lineup includes a variety of Pokémon T-shirts with a slightly cool look. For example, a black-based T-shirt features a stylish black-and-white hand-drawn Pikachu.

Also available are a T-shirt with the word “POKÉMON” in the style of a college logo, and a raglan T-shirt with Lucario and Dedenne subtly added next to the number on the chest. All of these T-shirts are based on simple colors, making them easy to match with any bottoms.

In addition, a lounge set with bold Pokémon prints is also available from the kids’ wear section. A total of four motifs are available, including Pikachu and Pochama.

Lounge set, 4 patterns, 1,690 yen each


GU “Pokémon” Special Collection

【Release Date】 April 29 (Holiday,Fri), 2022
【Store】 GU baby” and “GU KIDS” stores nationwide and online stores
【Number of item】 1 type for babies (3 types of T-shirts), all 2 types for kids (6 types of T-shirts, 4 types of lounge sets)
【Size】 Baby 80cm, 90cm, 100cm
Kids 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm, 140cm, 150cm, 160cm (100cm and 160cm are online store exclusive)