Gummi lovers must visit now! A large collection of sweets that make you feel happy when you chew them in Shibuya!

At Shibuya Loft, a gourmet event “Gummy Week 2023 Spring” specializing in gummy will be held from March 3, 2023 (Friday) to March 19 (Sunday).

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Gummy Week, a Popular Event at Shibuya Loft Specializing in Gummy

The annual “Gummy Week” is a popular project that spreads the fascination through various projects including the sale of gummies. This time, which will be held for the first time in 2023, about 230 types of gummies will be sold, proposed by various candy makers that handle gummies.

clockwise from top left)
“Tomo Gummy (Crete)” 141 yen, “Secret Jelly (Soju)” 260 yen, “Yogurt Gummy (Sweet Monster)” 297 yen, “Nars Cluster (Nars)” 476 yen, “Mermaid Mix (Hitchies)” )” 422 yen

About 230 types of gummies gathered

There are a wide variety of gummies that you can choose according to your lifestyle, such as “low sugar,” “plant-based,” and “derived from Chinese medicine,” sustainable gummies that support domestic production areas, and rare imported gummies that are attracting attention on social media. A number of unique gummies are available, including Shibuya Loft pre-sale products.

clockwise from top
left) “Dino Rex (Trolley)” 249 yen, “Jangumi Touhou Bijin Tea Ginger Gummy (Yujan)” 432 yen, “Low Sugar Gummy Muscat (Crete)” 141 yen, “Herbal Chews Honey & Lemon Flavor (Setsutenka)” 292 yen, “Herbal Chews Kinkan Lemon Flavor (Kyoto Nenjian)” 378 yen, “Gummy Tea Sugumi (Bebeto)” 216 yen

“Feeling Gummy Market” held at lofts nationwide

In addition, the “Feeling Gummy Market” will be held from March 3 (Friday) to April 23 (Sunday) at 142 Loft stores nationwide and the Loft Net Store. It might be just right for looking for souvenirs for scattering!


■ “Gummy Week 2023 Spring”
【Event Period】 March 3 (Fri) – March 19 (Sun), 2023
【Location】 Shibuya Loft 1F Masaka Stage
【Official Website】
(↑Japanese notation only.)

■ “Feeling Gummy Market”
【Event Period】 Friday, March 3, 2023 to Sunday, April 23, 2023
【Location】 Loft 142 stores nationwide, loft net store
【Official Website】