Gundam Pavilion” will be exhibited at Expo ‘2025 Osaka-Kansai. The “Space Century Declaration” will be announced at the 3rd Gundam Conference.

On March 29, 2022, Namco Bandai Entertainment held its third Gundam Conference online. During the conference, the results of some of the “Gundam Open Innovation” projects will be presented at the “Gundam Pavilion” (tentative name) at the 2025 Japan International Expo (Osaka/Kansai Expo), which is scheduled to be held in 2025. The company announced that it would present the Space Century Declaration.

Gundam Base Virtual World

Gunpla Colony

The company will first launch the “Gunpla Colony,” a virtual space that will offer a variety of Gunpla-related experiences to complete the “SIDE-G.”
The “Gundam Base Virtual World,” a comprehensive virtual Gunpla entertainment space that can be visited from anywhere in the world, which has been in test operation since 2021, will open for a limited time test this fall with the aim of officially launching the service as the “Gundam Base Gunpla Colony Store.
In addition, a My Room function will be implemented using Bandai Namco IDs, forming a community through Gunpla creations. Furthermore, the “Gunpla Colony” will be enhanced with an entertainment section that combines the digital and physical worlds, such as “Gunpla Battle” where players can scan Gunpla models to fight, a “Gunpla Contest” and a Gunpla online course.

esports colony

The next colony to be launched is the “esports colony,” which is under construction with a completion date of 2023.
First, “GUNDAM EVOLUTION” will be officially launched in 2022 as the first title of the “esports colony. This title is the first Gundam FPS game* specifically designed for esports. The game combines two elements at a high level: maximizing the appeal of Gundam and providing the highest level of enjoyment as an *FPS game. The company plans to expand widely overseas, creating an “esports colony,” a gaming community in which customers from all over the world can participate.
First, prior to the official launch of “GUNDAM EVOLUTION,” a network test of the PC version is scheduled to begin on April 8, 2022 (Friday), simultaneously in Japan and the United States!

*Abbreviation for First Person Shooter.

Promote entry of other companies and C to C business in Gundam

Furthermore, in the near future, with the aim of promoting the entry of companies outside the BANDAI NAMCO Group into the Gundam business and providing a place where ordinary users can do business using Gundam, UGC (User Generated Content) in Gundam will be licensed and C to C business will be promoted. The project will be carried out.
By building a metaverse where character rights are preserved and implementing this initiative, it is expected that new Gundam businesses will be created, leading to further expansion of Gundam IP co-created with fans.

In the “Gundam Metaverse Project,” space colonies for each category will be launched from time to time to create a “SIDE-G. Although in virtual space, the project aims to create a large-scale living sphere where Gundam fans from around the world can gather, and a new economic sphere will be created through the participation of companies outside the BANDAI NAMCO Group and the promotion of C to C business.
Not only the current vision, but also to grow to an even larger scale after 2026, the “Gundam Metaverse Project” will be a pillar of the BANDAI NAMCO Group, and the development of each colony will be promoted, so we can look forward to future announcements!

Gundam Metaverse Project image

What’s Up OSAKA!!

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What’s up! JAPAN

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Tokyo Station Marunouchi
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