GU’s new loungewear for winter 2021 will go on sale in early October.

GU (GU) will sequentially release new loungewear for winter 2021 from early October 2021.

GU “warm and cute” loungewear for winter

The new loungewear for winter 2021 will be available in two collections: “SPARK JOY,” featuring fluffy comfort and lovely designs, and “COZY HOLIDAY,” perfect for the Christmas season. The collection will mainly feature women’s, men’s and children’s items with a wide variety of colors.


Transform into an animal? Adult Cute Loungewear

The main feature of “SPARK JOY” is a “fluffy” lounge set featuring animals such as bears, rabbits, pandas, and lions. Each animal features a hood design with ears that symbolizes the animal, so you can transform yourself into a cutie just by wearing it on your head. The rabbit and bear series are also available in cute adult colors such as pink and purple.

There are also “eared” loungewear and blankets that go along with each animal motif. The blanket also comes with a convenient drawstring for storage.

“A long gown that looks like a blanket

I recommend the “Marshmallow Feel Long Gown,” a long gown that gives the feeling of being wrapped in a blanket, for your winter time at home. With a volume that completely envelops your body and finger holes that cover your hands, it will keep you warm in the cold winter. The gown also folds up to become a cushion, which is a very attractive feature.


Winter motifs are used.

On the other hand, the “COZY HOLIDAY” series features a variety of wintery designs that would make great gifts for your loved ones. The Nordic and Fair Isle patterned “fluffy” pajamas are a series that couples can enjoy wearing together.

Standard flannel pajamas

In addition, checkered and bear-patterned designs will be available from the standard winter flannel pajamas, and an “outdoorsy” lounge set for men with piping details will be on sale.

Pajamas for kids.

Don’t miss the featuring bears and rabbits. The three-dimensional animals on the front are as cute as stuffed animals. There are also bear-patterned loungewear for mothers that can be worn with kids.


GU 2021 winter new loungewear

【Launch date】 Early October 2021
【Store】 GU stores (excluding some items), official online store