Ha!? Chocolate Ramen!? Have an amazing experience in Japan!


From Korakuen, a new product “Chocolate Ramen” in collaboration with Lotte’s chocolate “Sasa” has appeared. From February 14th (Tuesday) to March 31st (Friday), 2023, it will be sold exclusively at Korakuen stores nationwide.

Forbidden love between chocolate and ramen

“Sasha” Chocolate x Kourakuen’s “Chocolate Ramen”

Kourakuen’s “Chocolate Ramen”, which will be held for the third time in 2023, is a collaboration product between chocolate “Sasa” and Korakuen Ramen. It is a ramen for Valentine’s Day and White Day, with two types of soup, black and white, topped with crispy “Sasa”.

First of all, “Chocolate Ramen Black” is a cup of chocolate flavored with cacao oil on a soup base of Chinese noodles. By adding “Sasa” and grated ginger, it has a rich and accented taste.

Chocolate Ramen Black 650 yen

On the other hand, “Chocolate Ramen White” is characterized by adding white cacao oil to the salt ramen soup base. The noodles are topped with strawberry chocolate “Sasa ”, and you can feel the sourness of the strawberries in the creaminess. You can enjoy the change in taste, such as the gap between the scent and taste of cacao oil that is not sweet, the crispness unique to Sasa, and the sweetness of melted chocolate.

Chocolate Ramen White 650 yen


Lotte “Sasa” x Kourakuen Collaboration

【Sales Period】 February 14 (Tuesday) to March 31 (Friday), 2023
【Store】 342 Kourakuen stores nationwide
*Unfortunately, Kourakuen is not in the Kinki region.
【Menu & Price】
・Chocolate Ramen Black 650 yen
・Chocolate ramen white 650 yen
*Limited quantity. Ends as soon as it’s gone.
【Official Website】 https://www.kourakuen.co.jp/