HAKU launches limited-edition “HAKU Peeling” skincare for Fall 2010! It is an “intensive whitening care” item that leads to clear skin.

HAKU Peeling” skincare for fall 2022 is now available from HAKU, in limited quantities starting on Sunday, August 21, 2022.

“HAKU Peeling”, a cleaning agent that achieves “intensive whitening care”

HAKU Peeling” is a cleaning agent that “raises the level of whitening care” and has been well received since its pre-launch in 2021. It is so popular that it sold out in just one week on Shiseido’s online store.

After washing your face, spread the cream evenly on your face in a dry state and wait for about 5 minutes. After that, rinse it off and it gently removes unnecessary keratin including accumulated melanin, leading to brighter, more translucent skin. It is also perfect for treating spots and freckles as it regulates the skin’s turnover.

The peeling is recommended to be used in combination with HAKU’s Whitening Serum, as it improves the penetration of the Whitening Serum to be used after the peeling.

HAKU Peeling 3g x 4 packets 4,400 yen <limited quantity>


HAKU Peeling 3g x 4 packets 4,400 yen <limited quantity>

【Release Date】 August 21, 2022 (Sun)
【Store】 Approximately 5,300 drugstores, GMS, cosmetics specialty stores, etc.; Shiseido’s comprehensive beauty site “watashi+” and other EC sites