Halloween menu welcomes you! Sweets Paradise’s “SUIPARA HALLOWEEN!” starts today!


So many photo-worthy sweets!

From September 22 (Wed.) to October 31 (Sun.), “SUIPARA HALLOWEEN!” will be held at all Sweets Paradise stores.

Sweets and food that you can enjoy eating and looking at

In “SUIPARA HALLOWEEN!”, a Halloween-themed sweets and food menu is available. Each menu uses fruits and foods that remind you of autumn, so you can “eat” Halloween and feel the coming of autumn.

The menu is also decorated in a unique Halloween style, making it a “sight” to behold.

A variety of Halloween-only menu items

The sweets include “Secret Tea Time Kyoho Mousse,” a marbled mousse of Kyoho and condensed milk, “Spider’s Web Pumpkin Mousse,” kneaded with pumpkin paste, and “Pumpkin Custard Puff,” a very popular “long puff” with pumpkin cream in between.

The food menu also includes “Autumn Pumpkin Curry,” with its delicious pumpkin filling, and “Enoki Mushroom and Shimeji Mushroom Sanlatan,” with the flavor and acidity of mushrooms.

“A special plate only available at Fruit Paradise

A Halloween limited edition “Ghost Plate” is also available for those who order Fruit Paradise during the “SUIPARA HALLOWEEN! To bring out the aroma and sweetness of the Shine Muscat, the entire piece is wrapped in a soft gyuhi and white bean paste that is not too sweet.

Enjoy this special plate that looks so cute that you will feel like it is a waste to eat it.



【Sales Period】 Sep. 22 (Wed) – Oct 31 (Sun), 2021
【Price】 Adults from 1,100 yen – / children from 870 yen – (tax included)
【Store】 Sweets Paradise Nationwide
【Store in Osaka】 Umeda, Tennoji Mio, Expo City