Hankyu Stationery Expo 2022, a stationery event at the Umeda Hankyu main store, is underway!

The stationery event “Hankyu Stationery Expo 2022” is being held from March 2 (Wed) to March 7 (Mon), 2022, at the Hankyu Umeda main store on the 9th floor in Osaka.

Largest ever gathering of about 130 brands of stationery

Hankyu Stationery Expo 2022, a new event at the Hankyu Umeda main store, is a must-see for stationery lovers, featuring a collection of cute stationery items. The event will feature the largest-ever gathering of about 130 brands of stationery items, including message cards, stickers, masking tapes, stamps, and other items that are the pride of each store.

From the popular masking tape maker “mt” comes a wide variety of masking tapes, including floral patterns and colorful striped patterns. Among them are rare items designed exclusively for the Hankyu Stationery Exposition.

Dresden Trim, made in Germany since the 19th century, is a gorgeous paper decoration. Available in a variety of motifs such as animals, flowers, and ribbons, add a personal touch to your gifts and letters to loved ones.

Other cute goods include a letter set by “HoneyStyle” with cute transparent envelopes, a “Chokonto messagebag” paper bag with cards by “Kayokurafu” with animal motifs, and masking tape by “Yohaku” from Hokkaido.

Visitors can also order original goods such as letterpress cards that can be printed on the spot, or erasigomu hanko (handmade stamps) from “erasigomu hanko ya AYK” that can be engraved with your name on the spot.


Hankyu Stationery Exposition 2022

【Event Period】 Mar. 2 (Wed) – 7 (Mon), 2022
【Venue】 Hankyu Umeda Main Store, 9th floor
【Address】 8-7 Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka

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