Hankyu Umeda “Scandinavian Fair 2022” will be held for the first time in three years!

The “Scandinavian Fair 2022” at the Hankyu Umeda main store will be held from May 25 (Wed) to May 30 (Mon), 2022.

Hankyu Umeda Main Store “Scandinavian Fair” held for the first time in three years

The theme of this year’s event, the first in three years, is “Hygge,” a word meaning “cozy atmosphere” and a keyword that is common throughout the lifestyles of the Scandinavian countries. Brands from all over Scandinavia will come together to sell a variety of products from gourmet food to interior design.

Gourmet food with a gentle Scandinavian flavor

A notable Scandinavian gourmet restaurant essential for a hüge lifestyle is Story (Finland), a well-known restaurant that has been a favorite in Helsinki’s traditional market for over 100 years. The famous salmon soup, which is a must-try on this occasion, is a Finnish soul food filled with salmon, potatoes, carrots, and other ingredients.

In addition, popular shops such as “Kungsholmen Glasfabrik” (Sweden), an ice cream store that has been loved by locals for over 100 years, “Cafe Saturnus” (Sweden), a popular cinnamon roll specialty store in Stockholm, and “Mettemunk” (Denmark), a representative Danish maker, will serve up authentic Scandinavian flavors.
(Sweden), a popular Danish Danish maker “Mettemunk” (Denmark), and other popular stores will serve up authentic Scandinavian delicacies.

Living room items that create a comfortable space

Mimir Osaka, which handles locally purchased furniture and sundries, sells a wide variety of interior goods, including Hans J. Wegner-designed armchairs from the 1940s. Among the valuable lineup, most of which are limited to current items, visitors are encouraged to search for a fateful encounter that will transcend generations.

The popular flower vase, a collaboration between Swedish ceramic artist Marianne Halberg and Seto Yaki, is another notable item. The strange and unique worldview of flat graphics coexisting in a three-dimensional object is appealing.

Kitchen and dining room for mealtime

Lastly, we will introduce the kitchen and dining category, which adds color to mealtimes. Nutajärvi Glassviläge (Finland), a tumbler that has many collectors all over the world; Evasoro (Denmark), a daily necessities brand whose sophisticated design creates an adult hüge; and Rosendal Copenhagen (Denmark), which proposes modern products together with designers active on the world’s frontlines. Rosendahl Copenhagen (Denmark), which offers modern products together with the world’s leading designers, and many other items and brands that make you feel happiness in your ordinary daily life.

The Scandinavian countries rank high in the “World Happiness Ranking” published by the United Nations every year. Why not experience their lifestyles, which are the source of their happiness, through their popular local flavors and historic interiors?


“Nordic Fair 2022.”

【Event Period】 May 25 (Wed) – 30 (Mo), 2022
【Location】 Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store 9th Floor, Festival Plaza/Exhibition Hall
【Hour】 10:00 – 20:00 *Close at 18:00 on the last day