Hankyu Umeda’s “Hankyu Cake Show 2021” starts today!

Hankyu Department Store’s Umeda flagship store will hold the “Hankyu Cake Show 2021,” a gourmet event featuring a wide variety of cakes, from October 13 (Wed.) to 18 (Mon.), 2021.

Hankyu Cake Show 2021″ Gathers a Variety of Cakes from All Over Japan

The “Hankyu Cake Show” is a new event at the Hankyu Umeda flagship store where you can enjoy a wide variety of cakes, from rare cakes that you can’t usually enjoy in Kansai to cakes that will make you want to take a picture.

The featured genre is baked cake.

There are many different types of cakes in one word. The category that I would like to focus on in this year’s Hankyu Cake Show 2021 is the baked cake, where you can enjoy the changes in flavor as time goes by after baking.

Bob’s (Tokyo), where you can enjoy restaurant-made half-boiled canelés made by Italian chefs, Les (Tokyo), where panettone, a beloved Christmas staple originating from Milan, Italy, is popular, and Perte Sweets (Shiga), which proposes a heavy pound cake made with red bean paste and baked sweet potato. Each of these stores will be offering their own specialties.

“Bob’s (Tokyo) half-boiled canelés from 270 yen per piece

Daily changing canelés

Popular canelés from all over Japan, which are changed every day, are also part of the menu. For example, “North canelés (Hokkaido),” which will open on Monday, October 18, will sell a set of “Canelés Classic,” flavored with rum and vanilla, and “Hokkaido White Milk canelés,” made without alcohol.

Fruit tarts from a fruit stand, modern cheesecake, too.

In addition to the above, there is also the fruit tart specialty store “Family Tart (Osaka)”, which is operated by a fruit shop, and “Masahiko Osumi Paris”, which is a modern take on the traditional European cheesecake.


“Hankyu Cake Show 2021”

【Period】 Oct 13 (Wed) – 18 (Mon), 2021
【Place】 Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store 9F, Festival Plaza
【Address】 8-7, Kakuta-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka