Hanshin Umeda Main Store “Japanese Confectionery Sales Floor” is completed and will fully open on June 14!

The Hanshin Umeda main store in Osaka will fully open on June 14, 2022 (Tuesday).

Hanshin Umeda Main Store “Japanese Confectionery Sales Floor” is completed.

Since the grand opening of the Hanshin Umeda main store in April 2022, the Japanese confectionery sales floor has been renovated and reopened one after another. A total of 26 stores, including new brands and brands being introduced for the first time in western Japan, will be lined up.

Kashin Komotsuki “Kuzu manju” 188 yen per piece, “Namafu manju” 648 yen for 3 pieces

<New Brand>Curry cracker specialty store “Curry no Kuchi

Among them, the best item is “Curry no Kuchi,” a specialty store specializing in curry rice crackers, which makes its first appearance in the Depa basement. This new sweet brand was developed by a rice cracker manufacturer “Toyosu” and buyers of the Hanshin Umeda main store together. The crackers, mildly flavored with butter powder, are set in colorful packages for a gorgeous appearance. Unique flavors such as butter chicken curry flavor are also available, so check them out as Kansai souvenirs.

Curry no Kuchi “Butter Chicken Curry Flavor” 46g 540yen, “Assortment” 81g 1,080yen

<First in Western Japan> Honmidou & Yoroken

Also not to be missed is the long-awaited opening of “HONMIDO” for the first time in western Japan. This Ginza, Tokyo-based sweets brand combines Japanese and Western flavors to create an appealing blend of unique tastes. Signature items on the menu include “HONMIDO Sando,” a baked cake flavored with green tea and wasanbon, and “Mitarashi Pancake,” a fluffy pancake sandwich.

Also making its first appearance in western Japan is Yoroken, a Japanese confectionery with its main store in Gifu. Its popular product is Daifuku, which is made from fruits, and when it opens, it will offer “Lemon Mango Daifuku”.

On the other hand, the Hanshin Umeda Main Store recommends “Dorayaki. The store is pushing the special dorayaki of famous stores such as Taneya, Ryoguchiya Koreseiyo, and Tsuruya Hachiman. Taneya plans to offer “Nama Torayaki,” a soft dough sandwich with sweet bean paste, exclusively at the Hanshin Umeda Main Store.

Taneya “Torayaki”: 195 yen per piece, “Nama Torayaki”: 324 yen per piece


Hanshin Umeda Main Store, B1F “Japanese Confectionery

【Full Opening Date】 June 14 (Tue), 2022
【Address】 1-13-13 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka